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ROSETTA Pyramid™ enables a life science company to collect, categorize, index, track and archive the company’s interactions with regulatory authorities. No matter whether it’s a submission to a regulatory authority, correspondence from an authority, fax, email, phone conversation or face-to-face meeting, the interaction record/event can be tracked in the system and the associated documents can be stored in an integrated electronic document management system (such as EMC Documentum) for instant retrieval.

If your Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Operations departments are challenged by not being able to view an integrated context and timeline of interactions with regulatory authorities and to quickly retrieve detailed information and documents in order to prepare submissions or respond to inquiries efficiently, you are not alone. Licensed by multiple leading life science companies globally, ROSETTA Pyramid has been helping our customers in the life science industry to solve the following business challenges:

  • There is no efficient way to see the chronology of interactions, incoming or outgoing, related to a product, drug application, specific topic, timeframe, etc.
  • Inability to quickly find submission documents electronically as regulatory personnel are trying to communicate with the health authorities – thus resulting in wasted time and delays in resolving regulatory questions.
  • There is no convenient and reliable way to retrieve the complete set of information and documents as they are stored in several disconnected systems, repositories or tools.
  • Inability to effectively answer questions about where and when submission or study documents have been sent because the links from authored submission documents to the detailed contents of a compiled/assembled submission are not readily searchable.
  • As submission documents are being written, assembled, published and ultimately sent to regulatory authorities, the same metadata is being entered multiple times in the process.
  • Submissions prepared in the Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) format are stored in a different system separated from submissions prepared in legacy formats because the new eCTD viewing system can not store legacy submissions, or vice versa.
  • Regulatory personnel are relying on creating their own spreadsheets for the interactions related to their products.

ROSETTA Pyramid comes with an integrated, web-based, full lifecycle eCTD viewer, the ROSETTA Phoenix, to provide you the true all-knowing power in one single system.


Designed to be a centralized repository and portal of all your organization’s interactions with regulatory authorities, ROSETTA Pyramid provides the following benefits

  • Improved compliance and records management practice by enabling your organization to centrally manage regulated records and documents electronically at the earliest touch point possible.
  • Increased productivity and improved operational efficiency by
    • Providing the complete context of your communications with regulatory authorities and the all-knowing power in one single system so that you can respond to an inquiry faster
    • Facilitating collaboration by providing instant access to information simultaneously
    • Better utilizing Regulatory Affairs professionals’ expertise, instead of letting them perform redundant data entry work
  • Reducing cost by
    • Reducing the number of disconnected systems to maintain
    • Reducing redundant data entry work

Key Features:

ROSETTA Pyramid provides the follwing features:

  • Provides easy-to-use yet powerful search capabilities to find records and documents quickly
  • Supports outgoing eCTD, NeES, paper, hybrid submissions and incoming correspondence, as well as faxes and email
  • Personalized Subscription and Notification Services allowing users to be notified on regulatory events and activities that interest them
  • Reporting and exporting capabilities allowing users to share information outside of the system
  • Enables companies to define their own Record Types, extended metadata and security model through configuration
  • Allows user to import document from multiple sources, e.g. file shares and electronic document management systems
  • Maintain PDF bookmarks, inter-document links and cross-application references

Track Records of Contact: Besides formal correspondence, log and track informal records of contact (such as email and phone conversations) with regulatory authorities. Integrated search capabilities provide a more comprehensive chronology of all regulatory events and activities.
Document Tracking and Search: In addition to record-level metadata, ROSETTA Pyramid 5 captures and allows users to search document-level metadata (such as Study Numbers). Furthermore, if you transfer the documents from one Documentum docbase to another, all document metadata is preserved and can be transferred to ROSETTA Pyramid’s repository.
Research and Collaboration Capabilities: All authorized information workers can now enrich the metadata by tagging keywords and annotating records. Unlike previous versions, where only a single user could provide the metadata for an interaction record, this new version allows multiple users to share their knowledge or conduct their own research about the records in the system throughout the lifecycle of the records.

Enhanced Security Control Options: Easily limit a user’s access to a specified set of Cabinets. Assign security control measures that grant or limit access to classified documents. This allows you to tailor security controls to fit project teams’ and partners’ access needs.

eCTD-related Enhancements:
  • Full support for E.U. envelopes and E.U. eCTD v1.4
  • Extract Study IDs, Study Titles and File Tags from Study Tagging Files (STF) and associate the information as document level metadata
  • Determine document types (e.g. Manufacturing and Clinical), and assign security classifications to documents based on where the documents are located within the Common Technical Document (CTD) structure. The settings are configurable.
  • Integrated with the latest version of ROSETTA Phoenix eCTD viewer (R3)
Validated to run on Documentum 6.x
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